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For the most recent overview of current and past projects, please check my Linked In profile, thanks!

 1)    Minions 2: The Rise of Gru (2020)

        The Grinch (2018)

        Despicable Me 3' (2017)  


        Set Designer        
        American animation features currently in production.                 Client: Illumination Mac Guff / Universal Pictures


2)     3D Animation Feature Film 'The Little Vampire' 

         Production Designer
         European animation feature currently in production.                    Client: A-Film / Comet Film / Storm Post Production

3)      3D Animation Feature Film ( unannounced, 2017)
Set design 
         Chinese animation feature currently in production.
         Client: Dragon Dreams Animation 

4)      3D Animation Feature Film 'Monster High' (2016)
         Set design & Artdirection
         Scottish animation feature currently in production.
         Client: Axis Animation

5)      3D Animation Feature Film 'The Son of Bigfoot' (2016)
         Set design 
         Belgian animation feature currently in production.
         Client: NWave Digital
7)      2D Animation Feature Film 'Trippel Trappel'  (2013)
          Set design / 2D Background / Layouts

         Dutch/Belgian 2D feature animation, in theatres 2014.  
          Client: Anikey Studios. Teaser trailer can be found here!


Hi! My name is  Edwin Rhemrev, and I'm a

Set Designer and Artdirector active in the field of Feature Animation,  Film and Themepark design.  


For more information, please visit my Linkedin Profile, thanks!

About Me

CGI / Live Action Film

  • Set Design

  • 3D Visdev Modelling

  • Beatboards

  • KeyFrames

Design Services for Live Action Film & and Animated Features:

Feature Film & Animation

2D Animated Feature Film​

  • Production Design

  • Visual Development

  • Pitch Art

  • Background Layouts

  • Background Painting 

  • Character design               

  • 3D VisDev modelling 

  • Beatboards

design services



  • Set & Production Design

  • Storyboards Ride Experience

  • Birdeye Overviews

  • Character Design

  • Elevations & Turnarounds  

  • 3D VisDev Modelling​

  • Pitch Art

Design Services for 
Themeparks,  rides, zoo's and other themed experiences: 
design services

Production Design for  feature animation | Film | themeparks

All images on this site copyright © 2020 Edwin Rhemrev unless otherwise stated. Please do not copy or reproduce any of these images, in any way, without the authorisation of the copyright holder.

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