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Childrens' book "Timo en de oppas ninja"

Last year, children's book writer writer Lisa Boersen approached me to ask if I wanted to collaborate with her on a new children's book she was writing, entitled 'Timo en de Oppas Ninja', a book about what it would be like if you were to have a ninja as your babysitter! Needless to say, I jumped at the chance to work with Lisa. The book was recently launched in Dutch bookstores, and I'm proud to say we're already in a second print-run, yay! I couldn't be happier with the result; to the left please see our cover of the book, and below please find a selection of the many interior pen&inkwash illustrations I did for this wonderful book.

Those interested in buying the book, you can order a copy at the link below (or find it in any Dutch bookstore close by), thank you so much for the support! All the best, -Edwin To buy our book go here:

Interior illustrations:

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